Locally owned and insured! We buy metals, batteries, and electronics.  Electronic recycling and disposal services offered.

Available for farmstead clean-up, office, house, apartment clean-up.  We haul construction debris, decks, sheds, furniture, etc.  If you need something removed, please call for pricing and availability.

We also offer custom crushing of cars, farm machinery, sheet iron, etc.  

Call for details.  If you are out of our area we work with people all over the US.  

Large demolition jobs we can also bid all over the US.

We buy truckloads of batteries all over the US.



Prices are based on the market, so prices may vary.  Please call for pricing of large quantities.  Please call if you have an item not on the list. 

ACSR/IAW  10¢/lb

A/C Units  0¢/lb

Alternators  20¢/lb


Breakage  3¢/lb

Cans  20¢/lb

Car Wheels  30¢/35¢/lb

Cast  20¢/lb

Clip  20¢/lb

EC Wire  40¢/lb

Extrusion Bare  40¢/lb

Extrusion Paint or Iron  35¢/lb

Sheet  20¢/lb

Thermal EXT  15¢/lb

Truck Rims  20¢/25¢/lb

Radiators  20¢/lb

Dirty Aluminum Radiators  10¢/lb

Turnings  5¢/lb


Alkaline You Pay 50¢/lb to dispose

Lead  28¢/lb (Auto, Truck, Farm, SLA, Steel-Cased, Glass-cased, Telecom, Acrylic-Cased, Pulled Cells, Aircraft, Medical, Golf, Scrubber, Gel)

Nicd  You pay 25¢/lb to dispose

Wet Nicd  You pay $1/lb to dispose

NiFe you pay $1/lb to dispose

NiMH  10¢/lb

Wet NiMH  You pay $1/lb to dispose

Li-Ion laptop 20¢/lb

Li-Ion other  10¢/lb

Li-Ion tool  10¢/lb

Li-Ion cell  10¢/lb

Absolyte  10¢/lb

Silver Oxide  2.1 x spot

Lithium primary  You pay $4/lb to dispose

Hybrid vehicle batteries call as there variables, some have value, some pay to dispose

We buy batteries all over the for prices, from as few as one battery in New Hampshire to 20 truckloads in Oegon.


Yellow Brass  $1.30/lb

Admiralty Brass  $1.40

Semi-Red Brass $1.40/lb

Red Brass  $1.50/lb

Brass Breakage  25¢+/lb

Brass Turnings  $1.10/lb

Bronzes  Please call for pricing on specific grades

Heater Cores  $1/lb

Carbide  $3.50/lb Wear Parts

$4.50/lb Bits/Inserts

Catalytic Converters and DPF Units

Please call for pricing as there are over 22,000

Different units and vary from $0 to $700


Bare Bright  $2.30/lb

#1  $2.25/lb

#2  2.05/lb

#3/Paper Wrap  $1.70/lb

Turnings  $1.80/lb


Copper Large  10¢/lb

Copper Small  14¢/lb

Aluminum  1¢/lb


Carbide  $3.50/lb - $4.50/lb 


Cobalt & Alloys  Call

Hastelloy  Call

Haynes Alloys  Call

HS6 (Rexalloy)  $4/lb

Incoloy  Call

Inconel  Call

Mar M  Call

Monel  $2.80/lb

Nickel & Alloys  Call

Niobium  Call

Titamium & Alloys Call

Tool Steels  Call

Tungsten Alloys  Call

Zircaloy  Call

Zirconium  Call

All other alloys Please call


Soft or Hard Lead  50¢/lb

Cable Strip Lead  50¢/lb

Linotype  Please Call

Range Lead  45¢/lb

Wheel Weights  5¢/lb

Lead Breakage Varies


Non-PCB  5¢/lb

Electronic  1¢/lb

 NiCd battery type you pay 25¢/lb to dispose



Brass  $1.30/lb

Dirty  75¢/lb

Dirty Truck  25¢/lb

Copper/Aluminum Clean  $1/lb

Copper/Aluminum Dirty  75¢/lb

A-Coil  25¢/lb


Steel  5¢/lb

Cast  1¢/lb


304  25¢/lb

304 Turnings  15¢/lb

316  45¢/lb

316 Turnings  35¢/lb

Breakage  5¢/lb

Starters  12¢/lb


Under/Over 1 ton

Sheet Iron  $40/60

Unprepared  $50/70

Prepared  $80/100

Cars (complete with rims, battery, radiator, and OEM cat)  $100

Cars (incomplete)  $60

#1 Cast Prepared  $150

#2 Cast  $50/70

Dirty Motors  $50/70

Heavy Breakable Cast  $10

Turnings  $0

Skeletons  $100

OTM  $90/110

Random Rail  $80/100

Prepared Rail  $100/110

Prepared P&S  $100

P&S  $80/100

*All rail scrap needs proof of ownership

Manganese  $20


MCM 90%  $1.75/lb

MCM 85%  $1.70/lb

THHN 75%  $1.50/lb

ROMEX 65%  $1.25/lb

REDA  Varies on type and quantity


Battery Cables  $1.20/lb

Cat 5  65¢/lb

Christmas  5¢/lb

Coax  Pay to dispose

Copper Clad  5¢/lb

Extension Cord  40¢/lb

Harness  65¢/lb

Jelly Wire  25-50¢/lb

Lead/CU  50¢/lb

Ribbon  25¢/lb

Steel BX  5¢/lb

Zinc  30¢/lb

Electronics Pricing


A/C Adapters  5¢/lb

Aluminum Fans  0¢/lb

Cable Boxes 10¢/lb


  Low Grade  15¢/lb

  Cell Phone  $4/lb

  Chinese Motherboards 75¢/lb

  P4 & Newer Motherboards  75¢/lb  

  P3 & Older Motherboards  $1.75/lb

  Finger Cards  $2.50/lb

  Hard Drive  $5/lb

  Please call for other grades

Cell Phones  $1/lb

Copper/Aluminum Heat Sinks  25¢/lb

Copper Yokes (No Glass)  20¢/lb

Credit Card Readers please call

Docking Stations  5¢/lb

Game Consoles  10¢/lb

Networking (includes modems, switches, hubs, and routers)  10¢/lb

Office Phones 1¢/lb

Optical Drives  1¢/lb

Plastic Fans  0¢/lb

POS Terminals please call

Power Supplies w/wire  10¢/lb

Power Supplies w/o wire  5¢/lb

Server Power Supplies  10¢/lb

Processors  $3/lb

Gold RAM  $12/lb

Silver RAM  $3/lb

RAMBUS  $3/lb

Computer Towers complete  $2 each

Computer Towers incomplete  $1 each

Laptops complete  $2 each

Laptops incomplete  $1 each

Servers complete  $2 each

Servers incomplete  $1 each

Optical Drives 1¢/lb

Hard Drives w/boards  30¢/lb

Hard Drives w/boards damaged  15¢/lb

Hard Drives w/o boards  20¢/lb

Hard Drives w/o boards damaged  10¢/lb

Hard Drives w/boards shredded  20¢/lb

Hard Drives w/o boards shredded  10¢/lb

UPS With Batteries 10¢/lb

UPS without Batteries  1¢/lb

Disposal Fee:

  CRT  $10+ each

  Flat Screen  $10+ each

  Printers, Keyboards, Mice 15¢/lb

  Generic E-Scrap 15¢/lb

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